The Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Centers at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center cover three core areas – clinical care, research, and national clinical trials. The goal is to improve the lives of individuals with Lyme and other tick-borne infections through research to identify better diagnostics, more effective treatments, and new biomarkers to guide treatment selection. The CTN will enhance the speed and quality of clinical trials on Lyme and TBD. The Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center, established in 2007, will continue its commitment to research, while the new Columbia Center of Excellence – the Cohen Center for Health and Recovery – will provide coordinated clinical care, new treatment studies, and educational fellowships for the next generation of clinicians.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Lyme Disease Research Center was established in 2015 where it is part of the Department of Medicine. The Hopkins Lyme Center continues the tradition of promoting fundamental and translational research started by our forbearer Sir William Osler the first head of Medicine at Johns Hopkins. The Center’s current research programs are focused on advancing the understanding of biologic disease mechanisms and on improving the accuracy of diagnostic tests for both acute and chronic presentations of Lyme disease. The Center’s integration with the Division of Rheumatology enhances its research into the immune mechanisms that may drive persistent symptoms in Lyme disease.

As one of the country’s leading children’s hospitals, the Children’s National Hospital provides compassionate, world-class care and research. The Children’s National Lyme and other tick-borne disease program is prioritizing study of the risk of maternal-fetal transmission and surveillance for potential complications (e.g., brain development); this research will help to inform treatment strategies for pregnant women. Children’s National continues to partner with the federal HHS Lyme Innovation initiative to accelerate innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tickborne diseases. In 2017, Children’s National partnered with the NIAID to advance the health of children with infectious diseases (e.g, Lyme disease) to identify key factors associated with recovery or longer term symptoms.

Lyme Clinical Trials Network Nodes

The Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Research Centers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

1051 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10032

The Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center

2360 W. Joppa Rd
Lutherville, MD 21093

Division of Infectious Diseases, Children’s National

111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20010